Welcome to the place where I share my tools, techniques and down-to-earth tips to help you through life; blast through your deep-rooted patterns and bring you inner peace, happiness and feel-goodness. Come on in.

Hello Beautiful Friends, 

Welcome to my digital front room where magic always happens, we just have to change our focus to see it.  

This site is my special place where I share parts of my 'story' and my day to day mutterings about life, love, fear, happiness, forgiveness, insecurity, gratitude, spirit and so much more that helps my clients and I live more fulfilled lives each day. Every now and then I also like to plonk myself in front of a video camera too so you'll have access to those as well, not to mention the occasional podcast - it's all happening here.  I'm so glad you've popped by to see me. 

So who am I ... really?

Well it's a good question and for a long time I honestly didn't know. I used to display moments of trueness, but they were few and far between.  I wonder if you can relate to this?  

My story has got a few shades to it which you’ll start to understand the more time we spend together – let’s just say I didn’t have a conventional childhood like so many of us out there.  Losing my Mum at a very young age had a huge impact on my teenage and adult life, an influence that's still with me today, but now it's in an empowering way and I can't wait to share my learnings and teachings with you.

And oh my wordy have I learnt a lot!  

Living in denial for many years I would wear a wonderfully brave face, so I can spot your brave face a mile off lady! There's no hiding from me but again, this is a fabulous thing when we have no-where else to go but inside with our trueness. I will teach you exactly how to do this and hold your hand every step of the way. I will show you how to re-connect with the bright light that you are; start doing the things you love again (or for the first time!), and make things happen that you've only ever dreamed of. 

How do I know stuff?


I'm a wearer of many hats and one area I've always been interested in is science -  quantum physics/mechanics and metaphysics. I work with Mindfulness, Neuro-linguistic Programming,Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Communication; I'm also a trained coach; I've got a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management and Business and I'm currently studying the energetics of the heart and it's phenomenal importance in our lives. 

Did you know the heart is the most energetic organ in the body?  Up to 5,000 times more energetic than the brain no less!  

The world is made up of the most powerful, invisible energy known to man and all we have to do is turn our dial to make incredible leaps forward in our lives with it's power. I have so many great tools and techniques to help my clients and you do exactly this.  


Another hat I've worn from a young age is a little like a Magician's hat.  Connecting with my intuition, I've often lost hours 'connecting' energies the eye can't see.  Back then I would only use this connection for myself, but I've learned that understanding how to connect like this is a gift (that we all have by the way) and something I want to help you connect to as well. I often use tarot cards to receive messages of support and guidance, so if you fancy connecting to your higher self, pop over to my Readings page for a little more info and to book yourself a session.   


Times are changing and we're becoming more aware of the need to be kind to oneself - finally! 

I've been in the self development/ health & wellness industry for the last 10 years ago and I've also had some great experiences in all manor of roles including Business Consultant, Dancer, Marketer, TV Presenter and every one of them has got me to where I am today.  I work with clients all over the world in the USA, Australia and Europe as most of my work is done online. 



"I bring a lot of fun into my work, opening you up to the chocolate and chicken soup moments of life and guiding you how to have more of them. Laughter keeps us young, so let's keep doing it!"

So that's a little about me, I hope you enjoy having a look around and I look forward to hearing from you one day soon. 

Love n light always, 

Em xox

Here's my 'feelgood' dance!  What's yours? ;-) 

Professional Bio

Emma Fairclough is a Mindfulness Teacher; Inspirational Speaker & Trainer (Creator of The Spiritual Stand-Up Show); Intuitive Card Reader, Hypnotist and Communications Specialist. Emma has worked in the UK, USA and Australia helping business and private clients all over the world since 2007.  Acting as their trusted advisor Emma combines mindfulness, coaching, mentoring, NLP and intuition to move them forward in their business, relationships, health and life as a whole.   Emma has a fun social media presence where she gives her own fun and insightful views on the chocolate and chicken soup moments of life, and is seen as a 'pick-me-up' artist for many. 

Emma's style is unique and her exciting blend of talent, energy, knowledge and professionalism transcends through to everyone and every thing she works with.

When Emma is not doing the above you can find her hosting the occasional show; meditating; walking; reading; travelling; jogging; cooking; singing (badly); doing anything in water; hiking; eating; dancing and sleeping.