"I was referred to Emma while struggling with a new transition in life.  Emma has walked with me on my journey like no one else has.  I believe the timing  was ideal and she was so encouraging and instrumental in helping me change my mindset.  You see my 20 year relationship was ending, and I had core beliefs that were hindering me, beliefs that kept me trapped in a relationship, and fears that stepping out would be alienating and decision making challenging at best.  I have tried working with typical counselors, and they are great folks, but this experience was so much better.  Talking and emailing with Emma has helped me to transform my outlook on life, my core beliefs, some things that caused me pain no longer do.  Emma has a gentle way of walking with you while firmly stopping you in your tracks to help you see where and how your thinking is hindering you.  She will help you transform the pain, as your thinking leads to your feelings.  By working with Emma, I am living freer, lighter, with confidence and independence like never before.  I have embraced a new vision for my life that empowers me to become all that I can be and I love it!  Am I still going through this transition?  Yes.  Am I devastated?  No, I choose to be grateful and live in peace.  There are days I am anxious and hurting, but I have methods of coping and still see the ray of hope.  Today I am living in the present moment with joy.  In the end, all I have is THIS moment today and I will live it to the fullest.  Thank you, Emma!"

Jane Christine Woryn, Business & Life Coach


"Emma's ability was such a surprise when she gave me my amazing clarity sessions. The reading has given me clarity and focus when I felt lost and confused. I had not one but two revelations.... Propelling me forward with a clear and confident mind when I felt like I was stopping myself! Sometimes it's just what you need no matter how small or large your questions, problems! I want to thank emma and her guides for giving me the ability to be open and happy to trust that everything is just how it is meant to be! And helping me find "my" tools to help me progress. Thank you. I wholeheartedly recommend Emma to anyone needing clarity confidence and support to find their true self and happiness! Much love."  

Katie Scott, WWE Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

"Hi Emma Yr words are like the smell of freshly brewed coffe and baked scones totaly irresistible and uplifting..keep up the Fab work.:-)" - S "Hello:D I love your daily emergiser! You are so smart, making me feel so much better every day just by reading these:) I love your mind and imagination! Keep up the amazing work:)" - A

"Hello Em! Thank you so much for this daily dosis of good! I really enjoy it and am very glad that you put this together." - K

"Awesome Em! Thanks for making me feel special. Great to see you strutting your stuff like only you can. Love ya." - B

"I have been involved in this Industry all over the world for the past 12 years. Emma is an exceptional lady who, using her talents, gives you clarity, confirmation and confidence on your next steps in your life. With a decade of private consulting experience she brings it all together in an amazing package, you are going to love. I will always recommend her to everyone on every level of life." Andy Murphy.Biz

"‘daily emergiser’ – Always puts a smile on my face – Love it – Thank you." - B

"So refreshing and incredibly insightful… it’s great getting these little boosters everyday, keep em’ coming : )" - P

"i think that you are doing an outstanding job in helping those who need this little boost. you are such an amazing person and i thank you so much =) x" - S

"Thank you very much for your words that nourish the soul and help me think positive. You are a true angel" 

"Your daily emergisers couldn't be more apt the last few days, thank you for making me smile." - S

"Someone who speaks from the heart….how refreshing! Some people write books or put on 3 days events to inspire people….you do it in 2 lines!" - A

"I love you Emma - you always send just the right thing to me every day. You're bloody brilliant!" - D

"My clarity session was a magical experience - it gave me comfort to know that in the struggle I was facing I was not alone, that I could get through it and it would all unfold as it should. That I and those I love would be ok. Emma has a natural connection, complete understanding of the messages and their meaning which she was able to then filter into my life journey. It is nice to be able to let go, to not hold on so tight and believe.To feel safe."  LeeLee, Marketing DirectoR 

"You are so wise emergise! I hope you have a wonderful day" - B

"Lovin the daily tonic! they're really helpful and concise thanks, keep em comin!" - Anonymous

"I love these daily emergisers, good for the soul!" - M

"You just "cant touch this" stuff it is too good! - D

"Love it!  And it could be written just for me. Keep them coming" - A

"I can't believe how apposite so many of your daily emergisers are, and I like the fact that they are brief and to the point. I rarely have time to read longer tracts, however good they are but I know yours won't tax me, brilliant, keep up the good work!" - S

"Perfect message for me today thank you!" - Anonymous

"SO TRUE!!!…I love the analogy Emma….and the humorous note at the end….lardy dardy!!! KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK" - M

"You seem to read my mind!" - S

"You are so kind...and a truly beautiful woman" - R

"I love the magic in this. I did have a 'big' problem but when I pictured the little genie in fluro green tights and pink cape I noticed the solutions that were available to me and the problem sorted itself (with some legwork).  Thanks" - Anonymous

"Emma,  I've just got back from Egypt and found these WONDERFUL emergising messages in my inbox. They really do make me feel good. You're fabulous x" - S

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"Emma, Simply:  I love you. Thanks for sunrise every day with me. Your message really energized the day. For your good vibes!  You have a great gift and thank you to share deals and positive energy that lights our days.  You are a beacon of positive energy"  - Anonymous

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"Hi Emma,  I've been doing that small thing today that will allow me to make better choices in the future, too.  I find your emergising words just that - emergising. You, for that very reason, are beautiful, too.  Thank you." - K

"These are getting better and better. Keep up with the good shit!" - B

"This was just an amazing email ...I was having a pity party & you reminded me to let what ever it is go :o)  Many thanks for your beautiful emails" - Anonymous

"Hi Fabulous!  These are perfect. Perfect length.  Good job!   xoxo" - C

"Hi Emma, just got to tell you. Was with my business partner last week and we had had a 10 min conversation, where he was resisting what I was saying. Gave up and we got up to go outside for some air.  Just then you pinged through to his blackberry with 2 paragraphs of exactly what I had just been saying!  He started to laugh then said"alright universe I get it! Anne and Emma are right about this one and Im wrong"  Was so funny.  Keep them coming. It's definately inspired. x" - A

"Thank you Emma, these daily emergisers are a lifeline to me they help me to be grounded.  Lots of love." - T

"Hi Emma, I am not sure whether you will recieve this although I hope you do. I am in a bloody mess at the moment but your emails are really good and  do make me smile at times too :-)  "batty"  :-) :-)   What your doing is a very nice gesture and I am sure everyone else out there who recieves these feels the same.  There is a lot of poo out there in the world however you remind me that there is also a lot of nice stuff too!!  Thank you for being a big part of the nice stuff. :-)" - Anonymous

"I'm starting to increase my self-confidence, so I know that you are right in what you say. I hope that comes across in the positive way in which it is meant, Emma. YOU rock, too, btw! :) Looking forward to tomorrow's pearls of wisdom and inspiration already!" - Anonymous

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"Ooohh Emma! I did exactly as I was told yesterday – well almost – I gave myself a BIG break and today I feel so gooood! I love hearing from you so often and your emergisers always lift my spirit! Thank you for giving us all such loving attention, and I want you to know that I send you love back everytime I read your message." - G

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"Emma it is a pleasure to have you in my life. I am so grateful to you for sharing this with me and showing that there is more than meets the eye. Peace and hugs." - J

"Wow, I love your fearless openness to send this out to everyone Emma! Thank you, your messages are brilliant." - S